Legal services for business

  • Governmental business registration (LLC, sole proprietorship, JSC);
  • Corporate process documentation (charter, provision, a record of general meeting, power of attorney);
  • Human resources audit (legal employment and staff management);
  • Business reorganization or liquidation proceedings;
  • Contract processing (contracts, supplementary agreements, complaints, protocol on areas of disagreement, correspondence with counterparties, debtors, and creditors);
  • Trade agreements, and analysis of the foreign exchange market, and tax risks;
  • The process of developing tender bids as well as the operation with ProZorro system;
  • The representation in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • Legal representation (economic, administrative, and civil legal proceedings);
  • The LLC servicing and their professional experience on the securities market;
  • Legal support concerning real estate transactions;
  • Land Bank audit (formalization of land titles, and drafting of documents);
  • Tax consultations (tax planning).

Civil Legal Services

  • Family legal relations (alimony, divorce, distribution of the property, and paternal filiation);
  • Land law (distribution of a share, land privatization, and land disputes);
  • Real estate and construction (property protection, and formalization of land titles, commissioning);
  • Social rights and entitlements (preparation of documents, and appeals against the decision of the authority);
  • Road accident (appeals against penalties, and compensation of damages).

Everyday life poses many questions to each of us, the answers to which cannot be found without the help of a legal counsel. Thus, the timely assistance of a professional jurist will help you to save the property and to assert your rights within the relations with a State as well as to receive social assistance in order to protect the family.

We are proud to provide high-quality, efficient, and prompt legal services, therefore we will shoulder the legal issues that need to be addressed to allow you to not get distracted from your business.

We value your personal time and ready to offer a convenient platform to book legal services online.

If you need the help of a qualified and responsible counsel, you may place an order at any time and using any available device.

We are ready to provide you with legal assistance to address even complex legal situations, aiming to find the best way to resolve it for a price you can afford and within the established time frame.

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