IT Recruitment

The IT industry is rapidly developing, and it causes a great demand for highly qualified specialists. Companies compete for talented professionals. Thus, quality HR services determine successful hiring, and further, the prosperity of the company. Our agency selects just right candidates, who fully meet your requirements. We provide high-grade HR services to IT companies from both Ukraine and other European countries.

We offer:
•  profound analysis of the employment market basing on the position requirements;
•  multiple recruiting channels including closed databases of employees;
•  effective search, selection, and interviewing approach;
•  compliance of the candidates’ skills with job responsibilities;
•  candidates’ introduction starting from the first week of the vacancy opening.

We apply the best methods to select applicants for your vacancies. Our team uses the bases of recommendations, networks of contacts, data from colleagues who work in other recruitment groups and agencies, etc.

The first stage of our HR services is a detailed study of your conditions and requirements. Then, recruiters analyze the IT job market to hire effectively. We specialize in recruiting experienced web developers, project managers, business analysts, database specialists, testers, and web designers. The candidates work with the technologies C#, Java, JS, NET, PHP, Magento, C++, UI/UX, iOS, and Android. Our HR specialists are fluent in English.

Improve Your Business Growth

Thus we estimate the candidates’ level of English proficiency at the initial interview. Due to the analytical preparation and multiple recruiting channels, all the selected candidates are qualified enough to comply with job requirements. The average time to close a vacancy is 4-5 weeks, and we start introducing candidates from the first week. Our approach can help you improve the pool of candidates, increase labor productivity, and get effective cooperation with IT professionals.

We find people who are highly motivated, professional, and skillful. We believe it’s the only way to help the business flourish.