Bulk Recruitment

Bulk Recruitment

We offer a mass selection of blue collars and young professionals for your company. Successful bulk recruitment requires a cohesive HR process, established information channels, and experienced HR specialists. Due to a well-organized and efficient approach, our recruiters manage to find the needed amount of candidates within a short period of time. We manage to analyze the market and present the first candidates to you in a few days after the hiring start.

We offer:
•  profound analysis of the employment market basing on the position requirements;
•  effective methods of mass communication and a wide range of information channels;
•  well-established process of reviewing applications and selecting candidates;
closing big numbers of vacancies in the shortest possible time.

Our recruiting team quickly defines what kind of employees you need for similar job openings. HR professionals build separate selection criteria for every position type and inform about open vacancies via appropriate informational channels. Our ads are always close to the target audience, and effective campaigns gather the necessary people.

Improve Your Business Growth

We don’t apply only one communication channel. Recruiters use popular job boards and social networks, flyers, and other ways of employee involvement depending on the company, positions, and employment needs. HR specialists constantly review the applications and select those which fit the offered positions. As a rule, the employer gets the first applicants in 3-5 days after referring to our services. In 2-4 weeks all vacancies are closed.

Hire effectively, minimize production losses, and save time by working with experienced recruiting professionals.

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