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  • We are your experts ready for consulting in each sphere of business you need.
  • We are real strategists, who provide efficient long-termed strategies or blitzkrieg tactics to achieve your goals..
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Staff recruitment

Staff recruitment: we are a qualified and experienced team of professionals in the field of HR. We successfully apply our exact method of selection of candidates.


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Our partnership

Legal support: the constant study of innovations in the code of laws in Ukraine, European countries and the USA help us provide our clients with quality legal services.


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How we work?

A recruiting company has a wide range of capabilities that are not available to companies of a different profile. These are our own search channels, the high competence of recruiters, and the ability to conduct interviews with an intensive stream of candidates in a short time. Therefore, the assistance of a recruiting agency in the selection of personnel is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Employee Engagement

ABL Alliance attracts talented professionals through a comprehensive selection process that reduces risks, and your business can focus on its priorities.

Thin selection

Creating the perfect combination of human talent and modern solutions, knowledge and practice, we achieve success in the most dizzying projects. With us you will receive the best staff from a worker to a qualified and highly specialized professional.

How we are working?

Our team brings together the best specialists from various fields, which gives us the opportunity to professionally select personnel for market leaders.

Operating procedure

  • 1. Dialogue with the client, during which we develop the requirements for the vacancy, specify the terms, details, strategy;
  • 2. Intensive search and interview with candidates;
  • 3. The first results, depending on the complexity of the project, are usually provided within 1-3 weeks. Full presentations of the first candidates are provided to the client in a period of 5 to 10 business days;
  • 4. Coordination of the interview, preparation of technical specifications together with the client, support of the candidate at all stages of selection;
  • 5. Vacancy closing or search adjustment based on feedback received from the client.

Recruiting coordinator

We are the best replacement for your human resources department. Working complexly we achieve great results in finding, testing, managing your staff no matter if it is 10 or 10000 people.

E-commerce and sales/manufacturing management

You can entrust us all these business processes to get brilliant results.

Enterprise lawyer support

If you have any question concerning laws and duties your company need to submit, our experts will give you advises you need.