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Welcome to a brand new world of effective entrepreneurship with ABL Alliance agency. If you seek more effective solutions, more qualified staff and for a new path in your way to prosperity, well, you are seeking for us!

    • We are your experts ready for consulting in each sphere of business you need.
    • We are real strategists, who provide efficient long-termed strategies or blitzkrieg tactics to achieve your goals..
    • We are your guide to freedom.

    What do we mean, you may ask? That is the freedom you’ll get from an annoying and soulless job you have. That is freedom from standard solutions that brings the standard result in your business. That is the freedom to develop your skills and your business and to find like-minded people to deal with.

    – Alex Abla, ABL Team

E-commerce development

Do you know exactly how does E-commerce work? And do you have any idea about how to develop your web store via the internet? Even the most sophisticated businessman needs sometimes qualified advice or help. Let us open the door to the diverse world of E-commerce!

What do we propose to our customers?

  • Expert evaluation of your website to underline problems that stop your business.
  • Strategy developing to reach the best result and efficiency of your web store.
  • Best-selling marketing tools for your sake.

Our team uses complex methods to make your online-business working precisely.

Human resources job matching

What is more important for business than human resources you are dealing with? Nothing we can say! To start your company working as a whole body, you need to combine all the parts of that body not to create a “Frankenstein Monster”.


What do we do in that case? We are solving your problems with actual methods of evaluating each candidate and testing it for compatibility with your values, goals and philosophy.

  • Finding CEO staff.
  • Matching candidates for every division of your company.
  • Trying our best to reach a perfect result in every sphere from sales to science.

We are using modern methods of HR pros, psychologists and marketers to make a complex investigation what do your company actually need and what are the most preferable traits of each candidate you will give a job to.

Financial Management accounting

Do you need a qualified account manager to solve all the problems with your finances? If you have not a real gem of accounting and communication in your team, then use ours! We are the company that gathered gifted pros. You’ll get:

  • An accountant who will put all your bookkeeping in order and will carry out all settlements and reports on time.
  • A consultant that will offer you only advantageous solutions to develop your business.
  • A team that will support your accounting division with up-to-time technical solutions.
  • Those who will carry out all the communication with official tax service.

Make your money working efficiently with our account management team.

Manufacture & Sales Development

Do you have manufacture, a plant or small craft business? How about developing it rapidly? Or do you need any solution to get profit from your favorite hobby? All these things we are offering you in our Manufacture & Sales Development!

  • Make your factory optimized.
  • Make your products up-to-time.
  • Make your business profitable.



Human resources



Our Services

We are glad to support your business and to provide innovations worldwide. ABL Alliance is your strategic partner that will provide technical progress and brand new strategies in management for your business’ prosperity.

Recruiting coordinator

We are the best replacement for your human resources department. Working complexly we achieve great results in finding, testing, managing your staff no matter if it is 10 or 10000 people.

E-commerce and sales/manufacturing management

You can entrust us all these business processes to get brilliant results.

Enterprise lawyer support

If you have any question concerning laws and duties your company need to submit, our experts will give you advises you need.

Practice Areas



We are a qualified and experienced team of HR pros working hard to apply our own precise method of qualifying and choosing candidates.


Legal Support

Constant learning of innovations in the code of laws in Ukraine, European countries and the US helps us to provide excellent services in the field of legal support.

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Know About Our Details

Why Choose Us?

ABL  Alliance attracts talent through a fully compliant acquisition process to reduce client risk, so your business can focus on other demanding priorities.

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Know About Our Details

Why Choose Us?

Making a perfect match of talent and actual solutions, knowledge and practice we are achieving the most breakneck projects. With us, you will get the best personnel from worker to qualified and rare-specialized pro. We are matching companies and candidates by multiple factors. They are not only skill testing and questioning but also a psychological and social approach that helps us to find people that will be a real gem in your company’s crown.

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You can apply online to find a job that meets your criteria and requirements. Our manager will contact you to discuss the details.

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